Abstract Primitives
I wanted to create a sense of something being viewed through a window or glimpsed at through a fence. Life in mist surrounded by time. Thank you for lending me your eyes. If you have any questions or would like to purchase some of my artwork, please contact me at rblanch@mac.com.

Could be sky in frame

Interior view

Temporal Cave Entrance

Temporal Drift
Hold On, Always Good Advise

I was one - You were two
I was done - You were through
Open Door - Off the map
Even score - Last laugh
I’d been warned - You were blue
Your heart was torn - I turned a screw
Climb aboard a ship with other fools
Set sail towards our drowning pools

Conversation in yellow

The face of a storm

Hope everyones OK

Aquarium in the wild


Cosmic spider at rest

Shapes in a garden

View from my window ( their probably friendly )

I’ll be your idiot bitch
where ever you scratch I’ll itch

Arbor interior

Yard birds in flight

A world without pockets

Tide pool surf-scape

Cold ice cream cone - Soft cough drop

Long drink eruption

Memory of Melody

Long look though a trellis

The second thoughts of Dark River Walrusfal
Neo Neolithic post modern deconstructionist pre abysmal nuevo chaotic color mayhem
With friendly frenzied bouncing bunnies
Committing riotous bright sunrises